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    The last week of Black History Month is upon us and I decided this week that I would go outside of my comfort zone and learn about African American artist. My initial thought was to just find someone that was well known and familiar to any and every one. But through my research I located an amazing artist that is well accomplished. I located this artist through one of the board members of Heritage Salon Magazine and I was immediately drawn to her work.


     After exploring more about this artist, I located a video about her work and inspiration. She spoke about her background and how identity plays a strong part in her work. She recalled often being the only African American in a class. Immediately, I felt a connection and decided she would be highlighted. She has a remarkable story of learning about having heart failure and receiving a new heart in 2013. While she was waiting on a heart, her brother was fighting cancer. Not only is she a talented artist, but she has a fascinating story about her health and personal life.


    Her name is Amy Sherald and I strongly recommend that you learn about her and follow her. She has works of art at the Smithsonian African American Art Museum, The National Museum of Women in the Arts and some pieces of work owned privately by Bryant Gumbel, just to name a few. She has held solo exhibitions at the Reginald F. Lewis Museum, University of North Carolina and the Richard Demato Fine Arts Gallery. She has received several awards andcompleted residency work in Norway, Panama and China.


Check out some of her work and be sure to visit her website at


Enjoy some of her intriguing work and a short video about her in this post!





With Museum Love,


 Jada Wright-Greene 


Founder, Editor & Publisher

Heritage Salon Magazine


P.S. PLEASE! Don’t make your visit to an African American museum or your awareness of an artist, be just this month, but all year long.

Amy Sherald

Welfare Queen 2012 54"x43"Oil on Canvas

It Made Sense... Mostly In Her Mind  (Collection of the National Museum of Women in the Arts, Gift of Steven Scott)

2011 54" × 43"Oil on Canvas

Grand Dame Queenie (Collection of Smithsonian African American Museum) Galerie Myrtis 2013

54"x43"Oil on Canvas

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Photos courtesy of Amy Sherald